Advanced Keyword Research

What are keywords? Keywords are words or phrases that people type into Google to find your business. In this chapter, I’m going to show you how to easily discover profitable keywords for your website.

The easiest way to find keywords for your website is by typing your main keyword into Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search engines will show you related keyword phrases based on user search habits.

I’m going to use the keyword “dog training” for this example. In the image below, you’ll see that Google has provided some excellent keywords that I need to write down.

Another way to find keywords for your website will require keyword tools.

I’ll show you three different tools in this chapter sorted by easiest to use to hardest to use.

Keywordini -

Keywordini a fast and free keyword research and suggestion tool. The free version is limited to 2,000 results, but still includes search volume and “cost per click” data (CPC). CPC data shows you how much advertises are paying to advertise on Google for a certain keyword.

If advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for a keyword, then it’s a profitable keyword for them. Advertisers bid on keywords, so the market sets the price. You can use this information to determine which keywords might be the most profitable for your website.

Below you’ll see what some of the results look like.

Ubersuggest -

With ubersuggest, you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries! Use the keywords to get ideas for your blog posts, or use the keywords for your website’s homepage.

Ubersuggest takes your base keyword, adds a letter or a digit in front of it, and extracts suggestions for it. Ubersuggest extracts these suggestions from search engines and video websites like YouTube.

Just enter your main keyword phrase and click the “suggest” button. Below you’ll see what some of the results look like.

Google Keyword Tool 

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