Tips When Choosing Keywords

 Choose long tail keywords to rank faster on Google. A long tail keyword phrase has at least 3 words in the phrase i.e. “dog training classes.”

You also want to also choose “buyer keywords.” A buyer keyword phrase would be something like “dog training video course” because the user is looking to pay for a dog training course.

Make sure that you look at the trends when using the Keyword Planner Tool.

You want to choose keywords that have a stable trend or that are trending upwards. Do not choose keywords that appear to be on a downward trend. Move your mouse over the chart image next to the keyword to view the search trends.

Now you know how to easily find profitable keywords for your business! To keep it simple, put together a list of 10 keywords that you want to rank for and focus on those keywords only.

Summary & Action Plan Type your main keyword into Google, Yahoo, and Bing and look at the related search terms.

Keyword tools to use:
Put together a list of 10 keyword phrases that you want to rank for, and that’s it! In the next chapter, I’ll show you how to analyze your list of keywords to see how competitive they are.

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